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Beasiswa PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk.
Beasiswa PT AKR Corporindo Tbk.
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3 October 1994
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Oil, Gas & Coal

Our ESG Journey

As a corporation oriented towards sustainability, AKR is committed to implementing best practices under the ESG initiative. Management ensures that we have the appropriate policies and monitor business support areas such as Health & Safety, Human Rights, Environment, Energy use, impact
on Climate Change, Business Ethics and Integrity. 

We believe that these are necessary not only as a form of our social responsibility, but also to achieve sustainable net profit growth and provide an adequate return for our shareholders.

As a logistic and supply chain Company, AKR strives to contribute to environmental protection and preservation in order to reduce climate change and extreme weather that is happening on a global scale. Through the Corporate ESMS Guidelines, the Company seeks to manage the impact of operational activities and declare its commitment for continuous improvements, as well as creation of good environmental, occupational health and safety at the Company.

The Company operated around 300 trucks and 12 vessels. The Company also reduces air emissions by an operating transportation fleet powered by environmentally friendly high octane fuel of octane 92 and above. In addition to preserving the engines and reducing any residue, this type of fuel was chosen due to its perfect and effective combustion that reduces air gas emissions. 

At JIIPE, the Company reduces the emissions by using environmentally friendly natural gas for its power plant. 

In addition, AKR has also participated in the Indonesian Government’s initiatives to use biodiesel. Since September 1, 2018, in accordance with the government policy, AKR has been fully supporting the distribution of Biodiesel under the government initiative. In 2020, participation in the Government B30 Program saw installations in-house blending facilities to accomplish the targets and this has also continued in 2021.

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