PT Bank Central Asia Tbk
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31 May 2000
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Main Board

ESG Achievements

  1. Rating A - MSCI ESG Rating
  2. Constituent of FTSE4Good ASEAN 5
  3. Ranked A+ for 2020 Sustainability Report from the Foundation for International Human Rights Reporting Standards (FIHRRST)
  4. CLSA Ratings Indonesia ESG – Top ESG Champion
  5. Rating A – Refinitiv ESG Score
  6. Constituent of SRI-KEHATI Index
  7. Constituent of IDX ESG LEADERS Index
  8. ESG Quality 45 IDX – KEHATI
  9. ESG Sector Leaders IDX – KEHATI

Our ESG Journey

BCA played a role as one of the pioneers of Sustainable Finance initiated by the Financial Services Authority through the “First Movers on Sustainable Banking” throughout 2015-2017 which was developed into the Indonesian Sustainable Finance Initiative (IKBI) in May 2018. As one of the founders of IKBI, BCA continues to support the initiative.

In 2019, BCA started by developing the vision and mission of Sustainable Finance, establishing the Environment Sustainability Governance (ESG) Sub-Division Work Unit, and implementing the Sustainable Finance Action Plan (RAKB). 

Sustainable Finance Vision :
To be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesian economy that aligns with Indonesia’s sustainable development.

Sustainable Finance Mission :
To align corporate activities with the principles of Sustainable Finance.

In 2020, BCA developed three pillars as part of our strategy for supporting sustainability, Responsible Banking pillar, Sustainability Culture pillar and Social Value Creation pillar. The three pillars fall under the Corporate Vision, Mission and Values, and the Sustainable Finance Vision, Mission, and Values. For each Pillar, the scope of activities covers the economic, environment, social, governance aspects. These three pillars form BCA’s strategic direction when conducting its sustainability activities and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe that a new journey has been unfolded before us all to realize sustainable future. Transformation and maximum work is the key through this journey. Going forward, BCA will continue to move forward and be optimistic about facing very dynamic challenges in the implementing sustainable banking.

More information about our Sustainability, can be accessed through our website from the following link :

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