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6 June 2008
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Properties & Real Estate

ESG Achievements

  1. Improved energy efficiency by 30-37% on average
  2. Improved water efficiency by 25-40% on average
  3. Reduce carbon emission average 600-1000 ton/year
  4. Healthy building
  5. Environmentally friendly material used
  6. All building in BSD Green Office Park win National and International Energy and Property Award
  7. Green Building Certification by Greenmark and Greenship
  8. Low carbon development
  9. Environmentally friendly program
  10. Capacity building program

Our ESG Journey

As Indonesia’s leading integrated real-estate developer, we have a great responsibility to sustainability manage natural resources, be an equal opportunity employer, and create living and working spaces that allow the communities we operate in to prosper. To support this, we have committed to implement the SDGs in our operations. Our commitment and goals were best in class real estate; climate change and the environment; sustainable community and educational patronage. To achieve these goals, we have developed a sustainability framework, and become our Vision and Mission. The Vision was Close to Community; Environmentally Friendly, and Economic Sharing; where the Mission was Comply to Applicable Regulations, Corporate Images, Sustainability Reports and Ad Hoc activity in order to help government, community and environment.

In the chain of our production process, the product was produced with a responsible manner, since the raw material preparation, building process and aftersales. We strive to provide a green material to build the building, provide green zone to maintained and enhance the ecosystem, and we develop the Green Habit for all our communities to support and achieve the goals together.  

Relevant to the ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, Governance) concept, we already implemented through the building green concept, energy-friendly, social-friendly and good corporate governance. We have won many prestigious awards as national, and international recognizing of our commitment and achievement, such as Green Building Certification, FIABCI Awards, ASEAN Energy Awards, Soebroto Awards, Property Guru Awards, CSR Awards and Sustainability Award. In order to provide complete information of our corporate good governance, we served all the relevant stakeholders with the Sustainability Report, where this report is completely referred to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and described our commitment, implementation, and achievement. 

We believe with our commitment to implement the ESG, we can share more benefits to the community and environment to earn more profitability for our business.

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