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11 January 1982
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Our ESG Journey

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk has a vision to earn Indonesia’s love and respect by touching the lives of every Indonesian every day. We strive to realize this vision by ensuring that our business development does not sacrifice human rights nor the earth, as our very place to work together. On the contrary, we believe that business can be a force to create good things.
Business continuity by means of profitability is an ideal goal in a business. However, the question is how we achieve profitability in order to realize the long-term sustainability.

We believe that the sustainability approach is the best way to realize continuity. We value sustainability as a holistic way to achieve the noble purpose of creating, maximizing and providing added value to all stakeholders, as seen from the economic, social and environment and governance dimensions. At the same time, we strive to reduce the impacts from our products and business operations.

In 2010 -2020,  we developed the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) as a foundation of our business and sustainability. We consider that business and sustainability are one and inseparable. We strive to establish a movement that involves suppliers, customers and consumers in creating a better future. To realize this, we refer to our new  Compass that announced in 2021, namely The Unilever Compass, as our sustainable business strategy. Which is set out to help us not only to deliver superior performance, but also drive sustainable and responsible growth, while:

•    Improving the health of the planet;
•    Improving people's health, confidence and wellbeing; and
•    Contributing to a fairer and more socially inclusive world.

Our sustainability strategies are inseparable from Good Corporate Governance (GCG), that is from businesses that are carried out with a high standard of integrity, ethics and morals. Our sincerity is materised through the implementation of GCG which can be seen from the improvement of ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard year-on-year, from the assessment conducted and verified by the Independent Party. 

Risk management is also important, not only in providing added value to all stakeholders, but also in striving to reduce the impact of our operational activities. Through our risk management, we have mapped and identified risks, the extent of impacts of the risk eventuating, and mitigation efforts.

As to the social performance, we continue to encourage sustainability as guided by the USLP pillars consisting of the following aspects : health and hygiene, nutrition improvement, fairness in workplace, opportunity for women, as well as inclusive business. Some example for related activities, such as Implementation of Healthy and Hygiene Living Behaviour (PHBS) and Initiative ”Future Foods” to help the society in transitioning towards healthier life and eating patterns.

All sustainability agenda in our USLP are in line with the government program in Presidential Regulation RI No. 59 Year 2017 Concerning the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This can be seen from the achievement of some of our initiatives towards aspects of SDGs that have been explained in our Sustainability Report. 

Our  presence of 87 years has made us into an inseparable part of the lives of Indonesians. We are proud to be able to take this role in increasing the community’s quality of life. And of course, it is with the collaboration of all parties, government, private, NGOs and the community that we are able to make changes with significant impacts.

More information about our Sustainability initiatives, can be accessed through our Sustainability Report from the following link 

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