Privacy Policy

The following are the policies and practices carried out by PT Bursa Efek Indonesia or Indonesia Stock Exchange ("IDX") to demonstrate IDX's commitment to protecting and maintaining your privacy and security when you visit our site.

Privacy Policy
IDX does not sell, exchange or display any information relating to customers or visitors to the ESG Microsite

IDX does not track IDX site visitors.

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All data and information that you input is kept confidential in accordance with applicable Indonesian laws and IDX internal policies.

IDX Website
On the IDX website, IDX provides URL links to other sites that are not controlled by IDX. IDX is not responsible for the content and security of these sites. If you access the site, please check their privacy and security policies. In case you access the IDX website through a URL link from another site, make sure the correct address that you access is IDX can change this privacy and information security policy at any time to keep it in tune with the latest situation and technology. You can always review the latest IDX information and privacy policy at